DWK のすべては、会うこと、訪れること、触ること、そしてそこから生まれる「交流」にある。
しかしそれが難しいなら、今できる形で「Meet KYOTOs」しようではないか。


Going out and about as we wished, finding fascination in beautiful scenes, touching a beautiful creation, meeting and sharing with beloved friends, and being impressed with meeting and discovering new people and places. We all took it for granted as a natural part of our daily life. Now we realized we were wrong and all of us have learned the pain of losing such times.

Some people may say that the world has changed completely, and Kyoto is no exception. Philosophical Japanese gardens, dignified temples and shrines, energetic festivals, unbearably delicious seasonal food, traditional art and crafts born from the legacy of craftspeople, and the people who respect their tradition though never stop being innovative. It has become difficult to go and meet various “KYOTOs” even though this cultural capital of Japan is breathing every day as it always has for over 1200 years. Our wish to meet, visit, and touch KYOTOs grows even more as we came to know we can’t do so right away.

2021年の DESIGN WEEK KYOTO は、従来の現場でのオープンファクトリーなどのイベントに加えて、オンラインによる新たなスタイルにも挑戦し、交流の輪を広げます。ただ視聴する、配信するではなく、多方向から声が上がり、言葉が紡がれ、いろいろなアイデアが止まらなくなる、そんな「Meet KYOTOs」の場に、ぜひご参加ください。

The fundamental essence of DWK lies in the meetings, visits, touching and “interactions” that arise from these activities. Of course, nothing can be better than meeting, visiting and touching directly. However, considering the current circumstances, we must let “Meet KYOTOs” happen in other ways.