• 現場でのオープンハウスには、小学生高学年以上のお子様から参加可能です(高学年未満の方は、オンラインでご参加ください)。中学生以下のお子様には保護者の付添が必要です。
  • 酒気を帯びた方は参加できません。
  • 現場内では現場のスタッフの指示に必ず従ってください。
  • 現場内の設備・商品・備品・資料等には決して触れないでください。
  • 現場内での喫煙は、現場のルールに基いて下さい。
  • 現場内では汚れの気にならない服装、動きやすい靴の着用をお願いします。
  • 写真撮影は、各現場の担当者の許可を得てから行ってください。また、フラッシュ撮影はご遠慮ください。
  • 現場見学には事前に予約が必要なものがあります。
  • 現場に車や自転車でお越しの際には、訪問先の工場や工房の駐車場・駐輪場をご利用ください。
  • オープンハウスへのご参加は基本無料ですが、ワークショップ等は別途有料の場合がございます。

For your Attention

In the case of a participant not following the precautions listed above, one might not be allowed to participate in the DWK events.
Please note that the host and event organizers shall not be responsible for any loss, damage and any other trouble incurred while attending the event.

  • Participants younger than the high school age must be accompanied by an adult.
     (It is not possible for children under 7 years old to join the event)
  • Intoxicated participants and behavior are strictly forbidden.
  • Please follow instructions provided by the DWK staff on site.
  • Please do not touch any facilities, exhibited items and other materials on site.
  • Please follow the smoking instructions on site.
  • It is recommended to wear casual clothes in case of getting dirty depending on the event as well as easily worn casual shoes.
     *Please refrain from wearing sandals, high heels and platform shoes in order to avoid falling down.
  • It is recommended to avoid wearing long skirts and baggy items in case it might be sucked into the factory machines.
  • Please leave coats and jackets in the ordained area before going around the studio/factory.
  • Photos may be taken only after receiving permission from the person in charge at the venue. No shooting with flash is permitted.
  • Some events and factory visits require advance booking.
  • No parking space for cars and bicycles is provided. Please use the coin-operated parking nearby the event venue.
  • Open factories are free to visit, but some workshops may require fees to join.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding and cooperation in helping to make this event successful and safe.